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Gordon County Sheriff's Office
Sex Offenders Registered Out-of-County

 The following is a list of sex offenders, registered (and residing) in another county, who are employed in Gordon County.



Alexander, Edward
301 Villanow Mill Creek Road, LaFayette, Georgia 30728
Crime: Rape, Sodomy
Convicted: 11/17/1989   Conviction State: Georgia





Baker, Omar
309 Rowena Street, Dalton, Georgia 30720
Crime: Child Molestation
Convicted: 12/12/1998 Conviction State: Georgia





Bethune, Michael
Address: 353 Dunwoody Road, LaFayette, Georgia 30728
Crime: Child Molestation
Convicted: 12/09/2008   Conviction State: Georgia





Cochran, Joshua
305 Princeton Walk, Adairsville, Georgia 30103
Crime: Child Molestation (Attempt)
Convicted: 06/28/2010   Convictoion State: Georgia





Colon, Francisco
Address: 225 Staghorn Drive, Dalton, Georgia 30721
Crime: Attempted Rape of Child
Convicted: 10/04/1999   Conviction State: Tennessee





Dalton, Darryl
Address: 713 Cavender Road SE, Dalton, Georgia 30721
Crime: Child Molestation
Convicted: 06/19/1997   Conviction State: Georgia





Daly, Christopher
479 Cedar Creek Road, Cartersville, Georgia 30121
Crime:  Child Molestation
Convicted:  12/10/2007     Conviction State:  Georgia





Davalos, Jesse
Address:   429 Robinwood Circle, Dalton, Georgia 30721
Crime:   Statutory Rape
Convicted:   10/24/2002       Conviction State:   Georgia





Donaldson, Raymond
Address:   Grady Avenue, Rome, Georgia 30161
Crime:   Aggravated Child Molestation
Convicted:   05/23/2001     Conviction State:   Georgia





Freeman, Ronald
Address: 55 Little Creek Lane, Resaca, Georgia 30735
Crime: Child Molestation
Convicted: 02/07/2006   Conviction State: Georgia





Graham, Tommy
862 Braswell Mountain Road, Dallas, Georgia 30132
Crime: Child Molestation
Convicted: 08/12/1997   Conviction State: Georgia





Hanshaw, Keith
Address:   51 Gaddis Drive, Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia 30742
Crime:   Interstate Transport of Minor for Sexual Activity
Convicted:   01/22/2007          Conviction State:   Ohio





Hernandez, Daniel
Address:   630 Plainview Road SE, Adairsville, Georgia 30103
Crime:   Sexual Battery
Convicted:   08/31/2011     Conviction State:   Georgia






Hyde, Richard
4629A Old Dixie Highway, Dalton, Georgia 30721
Crime:  Aggravated Child Molestation
Convicted:  07/15/1997     Conviction State:  Georgia





Komperda, Jeffrey
355 Cloverdale Way, Resaca, Georgia 30735
Crime:   Criminal Sexual Abuse
Convicted:   02/22/2010   Conviction State:   Illinois





Lester, Cecil
836 Montgomery Avenue, Apt. #3, Cedartown, Georgia 30125
Crime:   Child Molestation
Convicted:   August, 2002     Conviction State:   Georgia





Lewis, Keith
Address:   96 Falcon Circle, Chatsworth, Georgia 30705
Crime:   Statutory Rape
Convicted:   10/23/2002     Conviction State:   Georgia





Meeler, Tommy
Address: 100 Jack Street, Silvercreek, Georgia 30173
Crime: Rape
Convicted: 04/27/1990   Conviction State: Georgia





Morgan, Randall (Sr.)
Address: 1100 Ben Hill Road SE, Dalton, Georgia 30721
Crime: Child Molestation
Convicted: 02/23/1998   Conviction State: Georgia





Nichols, Anthony 
Address:   82 Wayland Circle NW, Cartersville, Georgia 30120
Crime:   Child Molestation
Convicted:   05/17/2004          Conviction State:   Georgia





Patton, David
Address: 993 Old Cottonwood Mill Road, Tunnel Hill, Georgia 30755
Crime: Child Molestation
Convicted: 07/02/2004   Conviction State: Georgia





Penn, Nathaniel
Address:   1203 Acme Street #2, Dalton, Georgia 30721
Crime:   Child Molestation
Convicted:   06/17/2003       Conviction State:   Georgia





Quinton, David
Address: 414 Spring Place Road, White, Georgia 30184
Crime:   Child Molestation
Convicted:   11/09/2007     Conviction State:   Georgia





Ray, Chris
Address:   26 Wash Rider Road, Dahlonega, Georgia 30533
Crime:   Aggravated Child Molestation
Convicted:   05/13/1996     Conviction State:   Georgia





Shirey, Brooks 
Address:   994 Hicks Ford Road, Ellijay, Georgia 30540
Crime:   Statutory Rape
Convicted:   05/26/1998        Conviction State:   Georgia





Spearman, Fletcher (Jr.)
Address: 145 Ainsworth Way, Dalton, Georgia 30721
Crime: Child Molestation
Convicted: 01/04/1985   Conviction State: Georgia





Stone, Joshua
Address: 646 Old Federal Road South, Chatsworth, Georgia 30705
Crime: Aggravated Child Molestation
Convicted:   09/17/2001                 Conviction State:   Georgia





Sullivan, Shane
Address: 31 Hopkins Farm Drive, Adairsville, Georgia 30103
Crime: Criminal Sexual Conduct (3rd degree)
Convicted: 07/10/2008   Conviction State: Michigan





Swindell, Kenneth
442 Railroad Street, Goodwater, Alabama 35072
Crime: Sexual Abuse (1st degree)
Convicted: July, 2000
Conviction State: Alabama





Toles, Stewart (II)
Address: 1354 Peach Orchard Road, Menlo, Georgia 30731
Crime: Child Pornography
Convicted: 01/23/2006   Conviction State: Hawaii





Townsend, Gregory 
Address:   1505 Dug Gap Road, Dalton, Georgia 30721
Crime:   Statutory Rape - Felony
Convicted:   10/01/2001     Conviction State:   Georgia





Vaughn, Kelly
Address: 13490 NE 7th Court, Trenton, Florida 32693
Crime: Lewd, Lascivious Act with a Child Under 16 Years of Age
Convicted: 08/21/1995   Conviction State: Florida





Whitehead, Steven
50 Price Road, Beech Bluff, Tennessee 38313
Crime:  Rape

Convicted: 01/26/2000    Conviction State:  Tennessee





Wright, Charlie
225 Royal Oak Drive, Chatsworth, Georgia 30705
Crime:   Sexual Battery (Victim under 16)
Convicted:   12/01/2005   Conviction State:   Georgia